Dedicated Home Cinema systems

Dedicated Home Cinema

Our dedicated home cinema systems deliver the very best in home cinema. With immersive audio and sharp vibrant projected images you can enjoy your favourite films in more detail than ever before.

A dedicated home cinema doesn’t have the same compromises as a typical surround sound system or discreet cinema, this makes it much more accurate and engaging. A well-designed home cinema can be truly breath-taking.

All of our cinema systems are designed and installed by highly trained and experience engineers, working to deliver the very best experience possible.

Designing a cinema can be very challenging as every decision has an impact on other elements of the system. Working to industry standards gives us the framework to guarantee the very best performance to create systems that deliver film just as the director intended. Positions of seating, screen size, projection, and speaker placement are just some of the considerations when we are designing your system.

As part of your dedicated home cinema room we can also design the decor, seating and lighting.

Whether you have a theme in mind, like our recently completed Harry Potter themed home cinema or would simply like your system to tie in with rest of  your interior, we are more than happy to help.

At Bawtry home cinema we are passionate about cinema and love creating cinema rooms for our customers to enjoy with their family and friends.

To create your dedicated home cinema room we use the latest technology from the best manufactures in the industry.

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