Installing the correct speakers in the best location is critical when creating a home cinema system.

A films soundtrack should draw you into a film in exactly the way the film maker intended.

To do this we carefully design each of our home cinema speaker configurations to produce the best audio possible.

Processing & Amplification

The progression in technology of audio visual receivers, power amplifiers and processors make home cinemas sound better than ever before. 

Creating more detail, depth and dimension to all of your favourite films.



Acoustic room treatment

Acoustic room treatment is essential for dedicated home cinema rooms. 

A home cinema can be treated with discreet panels that blend into the interior or be bold and colourful.




Dedicated cinema room speakers

Artcoustic have been a manufacture that we have worked with for many years and their products continually progress year on year to create truly immersive cinemas.

Discreet cinema speakers

For a discreet cinema, speakers can be made in the same colour as your decor or covered with artwork.

Processing & Amplification

Processing & Amplification

As part of every home cinema installation, we look at audio visual receivers, pre amplifiers and power amplifiers from a selection of manufactures to provide the most suitable solution.

Depending on the configuration of the system and the speakers installed there are always a number of options to look at.

At our showroom we can test different configurations to see exactly how they will preform in your cinema room. Currently we have an Arcam AVR850 as part of our demonstration cinema in our showroom. This AVR incorporates Dirac to provide a pristine, dynamic and immersive listening experience.

Acoustic room treatment

Acoustic room treatment

Acoustic room treatment can be added to your home cinema room to serve multiple purposes.

To prevent sound leaking into over rooms, soundproofing can be installed to isolate the sound to your cinema room.

Absorption, diffusion and bass traps are also hugely beneficial in a cinema room as we can use panels and materials to reduce sound reflections and sound energy to make your listening experience much more accurate and engaging.

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