For a dedicated home cinema room a native 4K projector is defiantly the best option to give beautiful bight colourful images. Also adding a projector to your system brings a sense of theatre to the experience making watching a film more like being in a commercial cinema.

A discreet cinema can use large LED & OLED TV’s to provide a more flexible solution for multi purpose rooms.


Screen fabrics make a huge difference to the projected image that you see in your cinema room.

At Bawtry Home Cinema we only using the very best screen manufactures to deliver optimum performance. 



Anamorphic lenses take your home cinema system to the next level by increasing the number of pixels on screen to deliver a brighter and more detailed image.


Native 4K prjectors

There are a large range of native 4K projects available from market leading manufactures such as JVC and Sony. 

Native 4k HDR projectors are a must for dedicated home cinema rooms, offering exceptional clarity and detail.

JVC have new produced the DLA-NX9 projector which uses JVC’s e-shift technology to deliver 8k resolution.



Acoustically transparent screens

As our dedicated cinema rooms are designed in the same way as a commercial cinema, the front speaker are installed behind the screen. This means that we need to install a fixed acoustically transparent screen so that the sound passing through the screen is not affected in anyway.  

These acoustically transparent screen fabrics have been developed over many years to ensure that they are truly acoustically transparent.

In-ceiling screens

To provide a more discreet option for a cinema screen, an in-ceiling electric screen is good option. 

It has the same material as a dedicated fixed screen but it is concealed in the ceiling so that it is only seen when it is in use.

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